Do you know?

Do you know that sometimes I feel like Jane Eyre against her Bertha Mason? Or that I’m the nameless narrator and she’s a Rebecca and we’re all trapped in a novel named after her.

Would modern psychiatry apply a personality disorder to Rebecca?

But this boat didn’t sink. Nor the house burn. Your wife’s not dead. But alive and acting the black Madonna. She calls to you to donate and donate and donate to her salvation. I fear you will always answer.


2 responses to “Do you know?

  1. Do you know you’ve named two of my favorite books as a teen? But, I’m thankful I’ve never been in the type of friendship you’re describing.

    • Yes Rachael two of my favourite books too. The piece is about an unfortunate and unavoidable ‘connection’ with someone that’s not of my choosing. Oh dearrr. Writing is a form of therapy for me, but sometimes I’ve just got to resist publishing a piece born of a great deal of anger.

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