Black pearl

He says you were exotic and beautiful. Like a rare black pearl.

You told him ‘I’m a diver for pearls’. He felt flattered and heady and wanted more of you. And got it. Got you. His black pearl.

You settled and grew with his child. Until the panic of being ordinary took hold. You escaped and killed the pearl that was growing honest and true in you.

Then he took you back and you settled for what you thought was ordinary and with him you created lives who loved you.

But afraid, you adorned yourself black pearl and lurid, tempted others until what you had with him was broken.

What are you now black pearl? What is a pearl when it has no lustre?


2 responses to “Black pearl

  1. Ah, the beginnings of a story or maybe a story that stands alone. This reminds me of some of the characters in the collection of short shorts by Lou Beach. Here’s a link:

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