So this is January …

I always find myself a little dissatisfied at this time of year.  I’m not a fan of Christmas and all its rampant consumerism so I’m pleased it’s over but I’m not terribly relaxed by its end. I would love a holiday.

Then there are the inevitable plans/resolutions for the new year and the fear that I may not bring them to fruition.

However, if I tell the blog world, maybe I’ll be more determined?

So by the end of this year 2012:

  •  I plan to have been more creative than I was in 2011. I hope to write more blog posts and publish a short story and be paid for an article. I also want to use my hands more for crafty projects like a scrapbook and a beaded necklace and to put together a cosy room in the house with things I have bought while op shopping.
  • I plan to have a different job to the one I have now. 
  • I plan to get my web design course finished.

3 responses to “So this is January …

  1. I don’t like resolutions much either, but I plan on reading you. 🙂

  2. and i plan to catch up with you more often, m’dear. in order to make sure you get all of those things done!!

    email coming yer way. happy new year, beautiful.

  3. thanks so much Rachael. I plan on continuing to read you too! K x

    thank you lovely Lucy! Happy new year to you too. I’m looking forward to catching up. K x

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