Small treasures

This beautiful piece of artwork is called ‘Small Treasures’. It is by Jeff Gardner. I bought it for my partner and I as we drove from Sydney to Melbourne. It was September 2010 and I was moving from my home in Sydney to be with him in Melbourne.

We have it above our bed and I look at it often to draw strength and determination – particularly when I feel doubt in our relationship.

I look at it and see a couple. One has their eyes closed – they are happy in their love and are snuggling into their partner. I see my partner, Ian there. The other person has their eyes open and a worried expression on their face. There I see me worrying about the many things I’m always worrying about when I think of us as a couple.


2 responses to “Small treasures

  1. Interesting art. It also reminds me of a dream catcher, the Native American woven art work that protects children from nightmares.

  2. Yes, I’ve seen pictures of some beautiful dream catchers. I like the idea.

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