Small pleasures

The Jacaranda is one of my favourite trees. In my home city of Sydney their peak time is October and November. One of the surprises of Melbourne is that they bloom here longer. Late January and their purple loveliness is still blooming.

But I was sad to find we don’t have the climate to support another great favourite of mine the frangipani. I miss picking one off the ground and smelling its beautiful and heady fragrance on a Summer’s day.


4 responses to “Small pleasures

  1. Hi there, I was reading Sydney, by Delia Falconer, and she was saying that during the fifties, at a certain maternity hospital, maybe Randwick, or could be North Shore, they gave women jacaranda seeds to take home with their new baby. So whenever Delia looks at jackarandas she thinks of each one representing a life. Which is kinda nice!

  2. What a beautiful idea that was!

  3. True, but we can grow native frangipani down here, which is quite nice too. I’m not sure if it’s different to the tropical version, but the flowers are more star-shaped.
    I saw the most beautiful jacarandas in Windhoek in Namibia – so they get around!

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