It has been some time since I blogged. The reasons for not blogging have been many. I think I found it difficult to keep sharing once I had shared about my depression. I felt (and perhaps still feel) watched and ‘judged’ by those who know me. I felt vulnerable.

I know I’m on a quest to the heart and soul of me and my part in the world. And that requires me to be authentic. I admire those who are authentic and flawed and vulnerable in their blogs because that’s who they are in life.

I certainly haven’t been away from the blogging world because I’ve been reading many blog posts from other people. There I’ve found joy and solace and developed more questions to ask of this universe I’m a part of. I’m asking ‘What should I do with my life?’ ‘Why do I feel so frustrated and trapped and what can I do to change those feelings?’

Lately, reading these blogs have been of great comfort to me.

The last blog is from an amazing academic called Brene Brown.

Watching this presentation she did back in 2010 has made me aware that I’m not always willing to be vulnerable. That I want to control things that perhaps I can’t. But the way she explains it makes me realise how not alone I am on this one



4 responses to “Vulnerability

  1. I can relate to your words here. You are not alone. My depression was getting worse the older I got. Anti-depressants did not work for me. Through diet, exercise, natural medicine and exercise I got through it. But I believe none of these will hold without dedicated therapy.

    I, too, have always felt “judged” and very shy to the point of avoiding social situations. When I first learned about Avoidant Personality Disorder (AvPD) I was amazed at how much I fit the profile. The label has helped me to see how I’ve been (not) dealing with the very issues that involve my depression. It’s a tough and uneven road. But a common one, given the world in which we currently live. Take heart. Everything changes.

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