About this blog

There was a stage in my life where I found inspiration in my childhood photos. I developed short pieces from them. And thought of them as vignettes. Some of these vignettes I have already developed into longer pieces, some stand alone…

I’ve started this blog with those earlier pieces and added pieces around my recent life and thoughts. Usually, I will follow the rule of putting my ‘creative writing’ pieces into italics.

Once upon a time, I was too shy and too fearful of rejection to share my writing. That is slowly changing. I’m now sharing with strangers and with friends too. Stranger or friend, I hope you read them and connect.



3 responses to “About this blog

  1. So beautiful, words that carry you into the mind and memories of the writer. Thank you for sharing

  2. it feels very special here, K, and i’m incredibly happy to be reading your beautiful, heart-felt words. xx

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